Br urban cso
Official Map
SenaryoBattle Rush
Azami Oyuncu16
Harita BoyutuMedium
YerUrban area near an airport
Eklenme Tarihi11 June 2014

Urban Assault is the Battle Rush map in Counter-Strike Online.


Some Terrorist's former leader who is a condemned criminal has been used as an experiment object in a special Research Institute. CT Force will perform a mission to transfer the Condemned Criminal to other area. TR Force obtained the information and they will perform an Ambush Operation by blocking the transfer route and rescue the leader.


  • Counter-Terrorist: Destroy any obstacles that block the way and convey the Transport Car until it reaches the destination.
  • Terrorist: Rescue the leader by dismantling the entire bondage devices that attached on the car.

Release dateEdit

This map was released alongside Battle Rush on 11 June 2014.


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